Sky Fleet
A co-op top-down shooter and city building game.

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Team up with other players to gather resources and build a city in the clouds. Drones have invaded your homeland and are mining your islands draining them of life. Destroy drones to collect resources and use those resources to upgrade your ship or grow your city. When you are strong enough team up with other players to destroy the drone's bases and win the game.

There are 3 parts to Sky Fleet's gameplay. City building, tower defense and twin stick shooter.

Build your City

When the game begins work together to build a city. You will need an ammo factory to keep everyone's ammo supply full. Farms are a great way to gather resources faster. A bank is a place to store resources for later or in case someone dies. Power generators keep everything running. Once you have plenty of duraphyte, build a drone factory to produce worker drones that manage your city.

Create Turrets to Defend your City from Attackers

Soon after the game starts enemy drones will begin attacking in waves. In the early game, your ship is not strong enough to fend them off. Build turrets to protect your city. Once you have duraphyte, you will be able to build new types and stronger turrets.

Harvest Duraphyte

There are two resource types in Sky Fleet. Uridium is more common and is used to build most buildings. Enemy drones drop uridium when they die and it can be found around the map. More advanced buildings and ship upgrades require duraphyte which is hard to acquire. Duraphyte must be mined from super islands by building an extractor building nearby. These extractor buildings must be connected to your main base by power cables so you will need to defend them with turrets.

Attack the enemy Bases

Once you have a city that can defend itself and extractors collecting duraphyte you will be able to upgrade your ship by buying new weapons. With better weapons, you and your team should be able to attack the enemy drone's bases to destroy them.

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